“I would never travel alone” - me, less than a year ago.
One thing we all learned recently, is just how much can change in a year. Traveling is a luxury, but vacation has always been a necessity for me. Although I didn’t use my passport until I was an adult, I went on week long beach vacations at least once a year my entire childhood. Vacation is something I prioritize no matter what’s going on in my life. I personally feel that it’s essential for my well being, and maybe because I was raised in one of the top 5 gloomiest cities in America. 
 I thought my twenties would be full of luxurious trips across the country but life had different plans for me. No need to dwell on what didn’t happen, especially when you’re in control of what happens next. With my 30th birthday approaching, I felt that venturing off on a solo vacation to the Caribbean would be a perfect addition to my “Journey to 30”. 
 The vacation originally started off as a girls trip. I was invited by a friend to join another group of friends. I didn’t really care who was going, I just wanted to go. We know all too well that planning a group trips results in  “something came up” or “I can’t go anymore”, but this time I wasn’t letting that stop me. I immediately booked the trip for one, no doubt about it. I knew that breaking the news to my family and friends was going to be the hardest part. They worry about me. I can’t blame them but I am protected by the universe, not to mention I’m confident, resourceful, intelligent and tough when need be. I’m exactly the kind of woman who flourishes on a solo trip. 
 I’m not going to pretend like I wasn’t a little nervous, but let’s not confuse nerves with fear. If you are fearful, I do not recommend you travel alone. The only reason I was once fearful of solo travel was because I am a woman. I do fear abduction, sex trafficking, assault, etc. Predators can smell fear. If you feel that you are an easy target, you are an easy target. I believe that solo travel requires personal development with an emphasis on self confidence. This is no shade to anyone who isn’t there yet. Solo travel is an amazing goal to add to your list and a wonderful way to measure your growth. 
My favorite part of solo travel is the freedom. The freedom to wake up whenever YOU want, do whatever YOU want, eat wherever YOU want, etc. I also really enjoyed the independence. I am by all means an independent woman, but during the pandemic I became co-dependent on others because of the circumstances. As if relocating to a new city alone wasn't enough, I had to go on a solo vacation too just to feel like myself again. This trip was everything I never knew I needed. 
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
 Covid-19: I was required to show proof of a negative covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of my arrival. The test had to be a PCR molecular COVID-19 test (nasal or throat swab) A rapid test will not be accepted, as it can sometimes yield false results. Once you take the test and receive your negative results you fill out a form to declare your travel. The form can be found here:
Once you arrive at the airport they scan your code/check your results before you’re allowed to leave. If you don’t have proof of a negative result you can pay $150 there for the test or quarantine. I made sure I had the required documentation because I wasn’t trying to find out anything further about either of the alternative options. I chose Puerto Rico for my first solo travel trip because I was hesitant about leaving the US alone, especially during covid. I'm a summer baby and LOVE being near water so Puerto Rico was the perfect destination for me.
*you are required to wear a mask in public and social distancing is encouraged*
Where I stayed: Royal Sonesta San Juan 
I was set on staying at a hotel that offered an ocean view room. I will admit that one of the ONLY cons of solo travel is the financial responsibility is 100% on you. When traveling with a group you typically split room and transportation costs. Anyways, I spent a pretty penny on the deluxe ocean view balcony room. I chose to stay at the Royal Sonesta because they are an oceanfront resort, near the airport, a family friendly (made me feel more safe), and have several restaurants and a spa. I was disapointed to find out majority of the restaurants and the spa weren't open due to covid. I promised my family I wouldn't leave the resort at night, so my plan was to have several options to choose from when dining at the resort. I still had some options, there is a bar in the lobby, a restaurant near the pool, a cafe in the lobby, a swim up bar in the pool, etc. I will admit that Covid has altered travel experiences but it's still worth the trip. I am happy with my choice of lodging. The staff treated me like VIP. I decided to extend my vacation for a 4th night and they allowed me to pay a standard room rate but still stay in my deluxe room. Stuff like that makes me happy lol 
Book here:
I found my Horseback riding adventure on I love this website because I love to read reviews.  We rode our horses through the forest and then to Luquillo beach. It was the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen. We actually crossed the water, and that required a lot of trust lol after we made it through the forest to the beach, we got cocktails at a tropical bar before returning back to Carabali park. You can also do other activities like go kart or take a rainforest/waterfall tour. I didn't have time to do everything I wanted, but I know I'll be back soon. The horseback riding along the beach is an absolute MUST! It’s something I plan to do every time I have the opportunity. It was a challenging ride for my first time, but very empowering experience . The staff was amazing too so huge shout out to them. 
Book Here: $110 

Icacos Snorkeling Tour was breathtaking. The boat that we were supposed to take actually needed a repair so we lucked up with a bigger vessel (IFlyer Power Boat) I loved the water slide because I’m a big kid. I did have an issue during lunch time because they forgot my vegetarian option. I was hangry but fresh fruit and an open bar on clear blue waters make you forget about food anyways. I still give this experience a 5/5. The staff was amazing. We did have to wear our masks on the boat while we made our way to the beach, nothing new tho. I didn't end up snorkeling because due to covid the tour is a little different. You do have the option to purchase snorkeling equipment but the boat doesn't make the stops near the reefs right now so its not really worth it. We did see a cute baby sea turtle near the boat and plenty schools of fish. oh, they also offer transportation! Pick up was at 7:30am and I got dropped off around 3:30pm.
Book Here: $110 
  You need to eat here: The Barrachina Restaurant in Old San Juan 
First and foremost this is where the Pina Colada was invented so it's only right you go and drink at least 3. I got the red snapper, beans, fried plantains and vegetables with rice. FIRE SHIT! Seriously delicious. It was my first time trying red snapper (believe it or not). I started my sight seeing right here and walked blocks through Old San Juan taking photos and enjoying my time there. Unfortunately the umbrellas are no longer there, that was the photo opp I was searching for, but I got some cool photos along the way.
How I took my photos:
What safety precautions did I follow:
My dad wanted me to wear a fake ring on my wedding finger so that I wouldn't appear alone. lol I even told a few people that I wasn't alone and that my husband was in the room sleep. I'm not a good liar tho so I hate doing it. I got asked a lot of questions by other travelers, people sure are nebby. Alcohol does make people chatty, so I'm 99% sure it was all harmless questioning. "What's a pretty girl like you doing all alone?" did make me uncomfortable tho. I made sure I didn't overshare with anyone. I also didn't smoke any weed lol I didn't want to be high because then I wouldn't be aware of my surroundings. I mentioned I didn't leave the resort at night which cut the trip short since the sun was setting around 6pm.  I felt safe using Uber VS taxis. I think it was more convenient too. 

So basically, Puerto Rico is an amazing travel destination for everybody! Especially those who don’t feel comfortable leaving the country during a pandemic. I recommend this trip for groups, couples and solo travelers. 
I hope I covered all the questions y’all had for me. I do plan to post more bomb blogs, bare with me while I get the hang of it. Feel free to leave a comment or question below. Thank you for always supporting me in everything I do. I find comfort and happiness in knowing that I inspire those around me. The world is at your finger tips.
Arriana Bey, xoxoxo
 “Either you go after the life you want or you settle for the life you get.”
check out my Instagram highlight @ArrianaBey for more photos & videos of the trip 🇵🇷


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